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Connect Del Norte is here to connect you with the resources, opportunities, and the support you need to help your family and your career.

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Schools, parents, and the community need to work together to promote the well being, and learning of all. Leveraging community resources and local partnerships supports high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities.


Children, Youth, and Family resources are available in many forms across the community. It is to the great benefit of all to provide central hub where all of these can be made available.


Community services and programs operated by public agencies and community groups provide physical end emotional health benefits by facilitating social interaction and support, promoting healthy living and promoting equitable access to community resources.


At every step in career or job search transition, our Community offers the diverse resources, support and personal development opportunities you need to succeed in your job search or career change.

Helpful Hotlines

Everybody needs help sometimes. If you or someone you know is in crisis or in need of intervention, use these national and local hotlines to find support.

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